agibi progetti srl


Agibi Progetti was founded in 2001 and operates at its headquarters of San Giovanni Lupatoto, in the province of Verona in Veneto region. The company specializes in manufacturing for the precision mechanics sector.

Our company has many years of experience in the design, construction and automation of systems for the production and heat treatment of metal and small parts.


agibi progetti srl


Over 20 years of commitment


Efficient after-sales service


High technology


Tailor-made projects


Agibi Progetti complies with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard, with a certified quality management system for the field of application of the industrial installations for the heat treatment of metals.


Attention to customer needs

The close collaboration with the customer allows us to propose solutions, which meet production and investment needs.

Ad hoc projects

We customize our products and create tailor-made installations and systems.

Remote and on-site assistance service

Our technicians are always available for qualified and timely support. After-sales and put in service.

Attention to the environment and constant commitment to reduce energy consumption

Ecology and savings are fixed points at this time. We know how to combine them into products and activities.

Safety and ease of use and maintenance of our machines

An important aspect to make the machinery safe, easy to use and to repair. Each detail is simple yet functional.

Use of high quality materials

Investing in materials means creating a high quality, long-lasting and stable product. For this, we select raw materials and valuable components.

Constant development and updating of projects and technologies

Getting updated is a commitment that bears fruit. Our company's projects have always turned towards innovation and hi-tech.


The staff

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agibi progetti srl

The staff