Save the date: 1 – 3 October 2019. Agibi Progetti at Metal Engineering eXpo

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Also this year we will take part in the most important world event for precision mechanics

It’s getting there… in less than a month, from 1 to 3 October, Agibi Progetti will again take part in the Metal Engineering eXpo in Pittsburgh (PA) the most important and prestigious world event for all companies operating in the precision mechanics sector.

For years we have been participating as exhibitors in this very important event, through which we present the spearheads of our production to partners and customers coming from all over the world.

At Agibi Progetti we have always been committed to technological innovation. Ours is not only an activity of production, but also of continuous research of the most modern and innovative solutions that can facilitate and optimize the work of our customers.

Also this year, therefore, we will bring our best and most modern machinery. If you want to learn more continue reading this article …

ELT 300M (Vertical programmable bucket elevator)

It is a machine designed to lift springs and small parts at adjustable heights and in small spaces. Its activity can be programmed according to different criteria such as for example time, number of pieces or weight (optional). Among the main features of the ELT 300M elevator is the presence of a pneumatic lid on the basin, that facilitates the containment of springs and small parts during loading. Upon request, the machine can be equipped with a telescopic discharge channel.

Wirebrush (In-line brushing machine for steel wires)

Brushing machine for removing dust, rust and wire drawing residues and polishing of metal wires. Some features of our Wirebrush make it stand out and unique, such as: interchangeable brushes that move with an epycicloidal trajectory, internal dust extraction and an integrated cartridge filtering system.

Vertibox (Vertical automatic container changer)

Designed for automatic in-line changeover of spring or small metal parts collection containers, our Vertibox machine allows the automatic formation of homogeneous batches for quality control or packaging. The container change can be programmed according to different criteria and, upon request, the machine can be equipped with the options Mini Batches or Warehouse Rotation.

FNBV-R / FNV-R (Electric ventilated furnace with conveyor belt on wheels)

If the need of your company is to perform the stress relieving treatment of springs or small metal parts, at Agibi Progetti we have developed the electrical ventilated conveyor belt oven on wheels, in the FNBV-R and FNV-R models, designed for work inline. Equipped with an adjustable loading surface, this oven was built on wheels in order to be easily moved. The tunnel has a multilayer insulation to maximize energy consumption and an internal air circulation designed to improve temperature stability and uniformity. Furthermore, this oven can be equipped with different type of belt according to production needs and is completely openable for cleaning and maintenance operations.

FCO-R (Benchtop electric ventilated furnace with horizontal chamber)

To carry out the tempering or stress relieving of springs, the ideal solution is our benchtop electric ventilated furnace with horizontal chamber model FCO-R. Built to be easily positioned on work benches and trolleys, this oven has an optimized air circulation so as to make the heat exchange between resistances and material in the chamber ideal.

For more information on our products, contact us at 045 9230443 or through this page.

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